Big Valley

2020 Big Valley Regional One Act Festival ADFA

When: Saturday, May 9, 2020
Where: Augustana Theatre, Augustana Campus, University of Alberta
                   4515 50 Street, Camrose, AB
Deadline for entries Friday, April 3, 2020 11:59 pm
          -Open to the first 6 entries that have completed all entry requirements
What can be entered in the ONE ACT FESTIVAL
          -any scripted play, new or previously published, 10-60 minutes in length, is eligible for entry.
Who can enter the ONE ACT FESTIVAL?
          -must reside in the Big Valley Region
          -casts shall be predominantly adult and crews shall be predominantly adult.
          -excellent opportunity to try your talent at directing or acting
          -once you have presented your production, it will be adjudicated by a professional adjudicator
THE WINNER will be able to go to the Provincial One Act Festival in Camrose on April 24-25, 2020
ENTRY FEE: $50.00 (covers membership fee and entry fee)

 For further information contact Regional Director Theo Thirsk via email at theo.thirsk(at)


 2019 Big Valley Regional One Act Festival

The Big Valley Regional One Act Festival was held on Saturday April 20, 2019 at the Augustana Theatre, University of Alberta, Camrose. There were 3 entries, Wetaskiwin, Infinite Imagination-Camrose, and Floater Studios. Excellent adjudications were presented by Adjudicator Reed McColm. After the awards were finished, Reed did private adjudications with a twist. He adjudicated one group while the others sat and observed.  It was rotated this way for all three groups.  The groups found that this was also very informative and helpful.

Wetaskiwin group – ‘Beyond Measure’ – Geralyn Horton
Infinite Imaginations- ‘Tuesday Morning’- Kevin Schole – Original Script
Floater Studios – ‘Liminality’ – Dr. Steven Andrew – Original Script 

Outstanding Technical Production – Beyond Measure-Deborah Williams
Outstanding Direction – Kevin Schole – Tuesday Morning
Outstanding Performance by an Actor – Steven Andrews – Liminality
Adjudicator’s Award – Character compatibility – Beyond Measure – Deborah Williams & Carolyn Venter            
Outstanding Original Script – Kevin Schole – Tuesday Morning
Outstanding Production for the Big Valley Region – Liminality - Steven Andrews.


The Big Valley Region 7 ADFA One Act Play Festival was held on Saturday April 15, 2017 at the Augustana Theatre, Camrose, AB.

There five entrants in the festival. Reed McColm, of Edmonton, was the adjudicator.
Awards were given for:

Outstanding technical production: Kathy MacInnis, 'Poof" - Churchmice Players, Camrose
Outstanding direction: Shayla Blatz, "This Side Of Heaven" – Infinite Imagination, Camrose

Outstanding Performance: Guss McKinney, "This Side of Heaven, Infinite Imagination, Camrose
Outstanding Performance: Mike Hicks, 'Still Life' – Infinite Imagination, Camrose

Adjudicator Award – Mike Hicks, Director, Actor and Stage Manager – for work with 3 different productions - Infinite Imagination, Camrose

Most Outstanding Production: 'This Side of Heaven' – Infinite Imagination, Camrose


The Big Valley Regional One Act Festival was held on Saturday, March 19, 2016, in the Manluk Theatre in Wetaskiwin. The Wetaskiwin Theatre Society were our gracious hosts.

Churchmice Players' - "February 14th"- Shayla Blatz,Sandra Schole (director), Trevor McTavish, Brett Lemay (Adjudicator)
Kevin Schole - Outstanding Technical Production - "February 14th"
Mick Hicks - Outstanding Performance - "Death of Me"
Sandra Schole - Outstanding Direction -"February 14th"
Shayla Blatz - Outstanding Performance - "February 14th"
Trevor McTavish - Adjudicator's Award - "February 14th"
"Death of Me" Dan Johnson (l) & Mike Hicks (r) #10
Outstanding Production -"February 14th" Shayla Blatz, Sandra Schole (Director), Tevor McTavish. with Adjudicator Brett Lemay.
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