2014 Results

The Big Valley Regions of ADFA held its One Act Festival in Castor, at the Castor Community Centre. A very lovely community centre that reached a lovely compromise in the building for both community use and theatrical use: 3 dressing rooms, large stage, backstage loading platform from outside to stage. (For the Castor dinner theatres each year they seat 200 people and have room for serving lines and refreshment stand.) The audience of about 125 enjoyed a very entertaining evening. Lori Miller of Bashaw was the adjudicator

Adjudicator award – Collaborative team effort in presentation- Susan Laundry & Rhonda Steinwand: A New Sunrise, Castor Little Theatre

Adjudication with Outstanding performance, Lori Miller, Deborah Williams, Eric Anderson, Levi Anderson, Paris Engram: The Pretty Trap- Wetaskiwin Theatre Society

Deborah William - Outstanding performance by an Actress, The Pretty Trap- Wetaskiwin;

Levi Anderson - Most Outstanding Performance trophy, The Pretty Trap - Wetaskiwin Theatre Society;

Paris Engram - Best Director, The Pretty Trap- Wetaskiwin;

Erick Anderson - Outstanding Performance by an Actor, The Babel of Circular Labyrinths - Wetaskiwin Theatre Society.

2013 Results

Churchmice Players presentation of "Impromptu" was chosen as the top performance at the Big Valley Region (ADFA) One Act Play Festival, which was held at the Waterworks Theatre, Wetaskiwin on Saturday, April 13. The director of the Camrose play, Peter LeBlanc, won Outstanding Director Award.

Other awards given were for: Outstanding Performance by an Actor to Mike Hick, Churchmice Players, "Impromptu"; for Outstanding Performance by an Actress to Rhonda Steinwand, Castor Little Theatre, " A Marriage Proposal"; the Adjudicator Award for Outstanding Use of Light and Sound Effect was won by Erik Anderson & Paris Engram, Wetaskiwin Theatre Society, "The Babel of Circular Labyrinth.". The Churchmice Players, cast of Emilie Kerr, Rayna Benke, Trevor McTavish, and Mike Hicks, along with the director Peter LeBlanc, will get to take their one act play, "Impromptu", to the Alberta Drama Festival Association (ADFA) Provincial One Act Festival. The Provincial One Act Festival will be held in Highwood Memorial Centre, High River on May 18-19.