ADFA Cypress Region


OUTSTANDING TECHNICAL MERIT - Chinook Region with ‘Portraits Post Drowning’.

OUTSTANDING DIRECTOR- Emily Pole, Yellowhead Region for ‘In On It’.

OUTSTANDING FEMALE ACTRESS – Ruby Swelka – Edmonton Region for ‘Cut’.

OUTSTANDING MALE ACTOR – Jeff Charlton – Calgary Region for ‘Come Home’.

OUTSTANDING NEW WORK – Chinook Region for ‘Portraits Post Drowning’ written by Alexandra Long.

OUTSTANDING PLAY – Calgary Region for ‘Come Home’ written by Jeff Charlton and Chris Scott.

The awards were original framed and signed pen and ink drawings by local artist James Marshall, who was inducted into The Alberta Order of Excellence in 2013.

April 2016

Cypress Region received one entry for the One Act Festival, from Fancy Trash Productions. They were able to attend the Lethbridge Festival and they performed 'Nine' by Jane Shepard, they will be taking their entry to Provincials in Fort McMurray at the end of May.  I hope they enjoy the experience and wish them well in the competition.

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Ally Dewolfe 

Kayla Lucaks

Hannah Rud

My name is Alex Dinsdale (also known as Allie) and I am the Regional ADFA representative.  I have had many years of experience with Amateur Theatre and I continue to enjoy being on stage and working with the groups of varied characters here in Medicine Hat.  I am passionate about the importance of the One Act Festival and believe it has many advantages for anyone interested in perfecting their art, specifically any budding new playwrights. 
We are looking forward to hosting the Provincial Festival in 2017, the Regional Festival is planned for early 2017 and I encourage any entries that meet the criteria to present their plays.  You can contact me via this website or at my home email adinsdale(at)